A motorcycle touring and vacation travel guide to Muskoka, Ontario!

The Muskoka region offers touring motorcyclists a rich experience for vacation tours and group rides in Ontario.

This website is organized to provide you with a comprehensive source of information for use in learning about Muskoka's cottage country lifestyle and to aid in planning motorcycle vacations and motorcycle tours in Muskoka, Ontario.

Muskoka, Ontario is home to friendly country clubs and manicured designer golf courses that offer a challenge to the skilled golfer.  Tennis facilities are available for guests at most resorts.  Theater events, concerts and dinner shows are scheduled regularly at venues throughout Muskoka!

The Muskoka experience is one of refined wilderness.  It is a place where you can enjoy the finest of haute cuisine dining as your eyes wander across the lake in the most beautiful natural scenery in Canada.

Rent a classic wooden boat from the Muskoka Launch Livery to explore Muskoka and its waterfront vacation lifestyle. You can't beat the experience you'll have cruising the Muskoka Lakes in Ontario, Canada!

Book a dinner cruise on the Muskoka Steamships "Segwun" or "Wenonah" to experience the romance of Muskoka's early history and the breathtaking landscape. Make your next motorcycle touring vacation a cultural and historical learning experience!

If you're looking for a holiday from the chaos and stress of urban life, make your reservations for a break in Muskoka, Ontario!  You will enjoy being pampered in the spas of our world-class resorts and hotels!

Visit our video gallery of motorcycle tours in Muskoka!